About Me

My name is Edward Davies, and I would like to introduce myself and the skills I have.  I am an Animator and Digital Painter seeking a new entry-level opportunity.
Born with high-functioning autism, I have had a huge passion for animation since I was very young.  As I didn't speak until the age of 6, I often watched animated films to help me with my speaking, such as repeating phrases from them to help me when I was talking or to help me convey a feeling or emotion. 
I am drawn to animation by how the different styles of animation make characters and objects come to life and tell the story in different genres, like comedy and drama.  I am also attracted by the strong morals that can be taught by animated films and how they help me relate to the world.  I love drawing and my special abilities make working repetitively to polish concepts and details a lot of fun.
Bellevue Youth Theater has also been a huge help to me while I have been looking for permanent work.  Through acting, creating animations for projections and scenery, and working as a team with the cast, crew and directors, it helped me become a great, communicative team player. Working in scenery animations also helped me understand how an audience reacts to scene projections and this helps me to develop new animation ideas for their entertainment, sometimes on short notice, therefore helping me improve my resourcefulness.
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